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Giving Back Raffle Benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities® of San Diego


San Diego Ronald McDonald House helps keep families close. Located just 300 steps from the children's hospital, our organization provides overnight lodging, warm meals, and other programs and services to support families during their time of medical crisis. Volunteerism, in-kind donations, and contributions through fundraisers like the Giving Back Raffle represents the very best our community has to offer - coming together for a common cause to make a difference for those who need it most.

Meet the Aguon Family

Gerard and Alexis Aguon were living in Guam when they welcomed their second daughter, Gianni to the world. Her birth was complicated, and she was born with two club feet. She needed surgery outside of what was available in Guam, and her parents needed to act fast - delay worsens the chance of success. Within three days, they had decided they were flying to San Diego for treatment at Balboa Naval Hospital with their newborn and five-year-old daughter, Gia. Overwhelmed, this military family moved from one Airbnb to another as their energy and finances dwindled daily. Gerard and Alexis felt immense relief when a room became available at San Diego's Ronald McDonald House.

Comfortable beds, three meals daily, laundry access - these necessities saved them the daily worry of managing life's basics away from home. Unlike an impersonal hotel, at the House they could connect with staff, volunteers, and other families who understand what they're going through. Best of all, Gia could attend school while staying at the House. Gia is a champion at making her sister laugh. Being together and laughing as a family gives the Aguons new strength and hope as they look to their baby's recovery and return home. As Alexis says, "We are super grateful for San Diego's Ronald McDonald House."

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About San Diego Ronald McDonald House

Founded in 1980, Ronald McDonald House Charities® of San Diego mission provides a “home away from home” to families with children being treated for serious, often life-threatening conditions at local hospitals. As an independent 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, we raise most of our operating budget from the community. Your raffle support brings comfort to families, letting them and their hospitalized children know they are not alone during their hour of greatest need. Your engagement matters, providing essential funding to enable us to help more families and further advance our mission.

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